Samsung tops list of baby names

A STUDY of baby names has highlighted the trend for naming children after popular brands.

They're more appealing if they sound like a telly

Samsung is currently the most popular name for a boy or a girl, closely followed by Nescafe, Adidas and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “The fashion for celebrity-inspired names has subsided, parents want something that is more original but can still be gotten from a magazine with minimal effort.

“Also brand names are mostly non-gender specific, and can be written as words or a logo, which is handy if you aren’t great at spelling.”

Emma Bradford named her son Durex after the condom that split on the night he was conceived.

She said: “It sounds trendy and space-age, like a martian prince. Also it will serve him as a reminder that no contraception is 100% reliable.

“If he decides he doesn’t like Durex, he can always use his middle name, Beats By Dre.”

Professor Brubaker predicts that the desire for original baby names will eventually lead parents to abandon conventional language.

He said: “We’ll see more kids called things like Xythltx794, or even just being nameless but identified by a specific item that they have to carry about with them, for example a 70s swivel chair.”