Lads who go ‘on the pull’ every Saturday have never pulled

A GROUP of young men who regularly go ‘on the pull’ are wondering when they will attract women.

Tom Logan and his friends always do their best to look attractive before spending eight hours or more in bars and clubs, but invariably end the evening in the company of a chicken jalfrezi.

Logan said: “It’s possible we’re doing something wrong but I can’t think what. My trainers are always spotless and I’ve got some great lines such as, ‘I’m learning the guitar’ and ‘You’ve got lovely teeth’.

“I hope something happens soon, because even my mum is starting to take the piss.”

Logan’s friend, Wayne Hayes, said: “None of us have actually pulled when we’re on the pull, so basically it’s just hanging around with your mates, only really expensive and with no Playstation.

“Maybe that’s all there is to it, in which case I’ve got some great pulling stories, mostly about one of us ‘having a little accident’.”