After Eight genius ‘forgave those who put empty envelopes back in box’

BEFORE his death, Brian Sollitt, the inventor of the After Eight, forgave people who put the empty envelopes back in the box.

And then you discard it

And then you discard it

It emerged that Sollitt, part of the ‘Golden Generation’ of British chocolate geniuses, had come to terms with what experts have described as ‘one of the worst things a human can do’.

The inventor of the insanely moreish after dinner mints went on to create Yorkies, Lion Bars and Drifters, despite the vandalism committed against his greatest work.

Julian Cook, professor of confectionery at Roehampton University, said: “When Brian first heard that people were putting the empty envelopes back in the box he was livid.

“He flew into a rage and destroyed a large portion of his workshop, including the prototype for an inside-out After Eight.

“He realised that ‘envelopers’ were debasing the one aspect of a dinner party that is remotely worthwhile. In many ways Matchmakers were his revenge on a society that he felt had become depraved.

“But towards the end he came to the conclusion that envelopers were to be pitied rather than despised.”

It emerged that Sollitt had also reconciled with Bill Terry, inventor of the chocolate orange, who he believed had ‘befouled’ chocolate by mixing it with fruit.

Helen Archer, president of the British After Eight Association, said: “It is the mark of the man that he made his peace with some of the worst people that have ever walked the Earth.”

Raising a machete from behind her desk, she added: “Brian may have forgiven them, but I have not.”