BBC decides Britain ‘not ready’ for Glaswegian Dalek

THE BBC is under fire after claiming Britain ‘could not cope’ with a Glaswegian Dalek.

As the corporation unveiled the first female Doctor Who, pro-Glaswegian Dalek activists said they had hoped the BBC would also have ‘the courage to confront the final taboo’.

Campaigner Bill McKay said: “Glaswegians are now accepted into almost every walk of life. It is the 21st Century and attitudes should had moved on. This sends a terrible message.”

But a BBC spokesman said: “The Dalek voice is designed to be really intimidating. We would take a huge risk by giving it a Glaswegian accent.

“Many of our male viewers would find it even more frightening than the prospect of a female Doctor.”

However, the BBC stressed it was no longer opposed to the principle of a Scottish Dalek and could now ‘envisage’ an episode of Doctor Who featuring a Dalek that has a soft, lilting Highland accent.

The spokesman added: “It would be like Local Hero or Whisky Galore, but with a Dalek.”