Boyfriend ruins nice weekend by saying what he’s thinking

A MAN has ruined a lovely weekend with his girlfriend after answering a question truthfully.

Martin Bishop, 32, and Eleanor Shaw, 31, had stopped for a rest while out for a countrsyide walk, when Shaw suddenly asked Bishop what he was ‘thinking’.

Bishop said: “I was thinking what most men would in that situation – ‘I could survive out here on my own, no problem at all. Bear Grylls is a total fraud’.

“She looked at me as if I’d asked if I could film her having a pee. For someone who’s always said she values honesty, she seemed upset that I didn’t spin a load of drivel at that particular moment.”

Shaw, 31, said: “I was hoping for maybe ‘this would a great place to bring kids’ or something else from the List of Approved Sentimental Horseshit.

“I assumed he knew the rules.”

Shaw said the relationship was now at ‘Year Zero’ and that Bishop’s re-education would be ‘traumatic’.