Brexiter not happy until Europe a smouldering ruin

A MAN who everyone thought would be happy about Brexit will not be satisfied until the rest of the EU is in ruins, it has emerged.

Norman Steele believes the next step after Brexit is the financial ruin of all European countries and ideally the destruction of all their buildings, art and culture.

Friend Emma Bradford said: “If an EU country has problems Norman gets very excited and says things like, ‘There’ll be riots in the streets soon.’ Then he licks his lips.

“He’s also keen on the eurozone failing and their governments being overthrown by angry mobs. It’s odd because I never had Norman down as a violent international anarchist.”

Steele said: “I see there’s trouble brewing in France with Marine Le Pen. This pleases me.

“Obviously Brexit is great news, but I just feel that if the rest of the EU suffered extreme misery that would be the icing on the cake.

“Serves them right for ensnaring Britain in a trade organisation we wanted to join because it made economic sense.”