Britain ‘must take more drugs’

FALLING drug use is a serious threat to the economy, ministers have warned.

Where are the Bez's of tomorrow?

As recreational drug consumption hits an all-time low, the repercussions are being felt across Britain’s highly profitable creative sector.

Announcing a U-turn on drugs policy, prime minister David Cameron said: “Having weaned everyone off drugs, we now realise that our nation’s only worthwhile export was crazy ideas thought up by people while off their tits.

“From coked-up advertising executives to pillhead dance music producers, it seems that for the last decade or so drug users have been the modern equivalent of the steel industry.”

From next week, everyone under 25 will receive a Drugs Starter Kit.  The tin, which is decorated with fractal dolphin imagery, will contain ecstasy, half an ounce of ‘soap bar’ cannabis resin, a Twix and a Snoop Dogg CD.

Plumber Roy Hobbs believes drugs also stimulate the wider economy: “Working all week to afford a slightly bigger TV or a Tesco’s Finest isn’t appealing.

“I need to know that come Friday night there’s a wrap of charlie and a couple of pills.

“And if you’re on drugs you want more cash in your pocket. You can’t snort speed through a pound coin.”

Chancellor George Osborne added: “They say cocaine makes you arrogant and deluded, but everyone in my social circle takes it and they’re just lovely.”