Googly-eyed weirdo ‘should only be used when talking about Ed Miliband’

THE term ‘weirdo’ stigmatises mental illness and should only ever be used when talking about the leader of the Labour Party, it has been claimed.

Experts backed Mr Miliband’s call for an end to the trivialising of psychiatric conditions, but said it would still be okay to call him ‘Professor Oddball’.

Dr Emma Bradford said: “When discussing Miliband people will often say he is ‘clearly not right’ or ‘pathetically delusional’ when it’s actually much better to boil it down to a simple, handy phrase. When talking about him in a professional capacity, I use the word ‘fucknut’.”

Martin Bishop, professor of stigmas at Roehamption University, said: “Fucknut, fucknugget, nutjob, freak, fruit-loop, coco-pops, googly-eyed mental case. It’s time to put away these childish terms, except for when Mr Miliband says something after reading a newspaper.”