Internet misogynists given chance to meet a woman


A GROUP of online trolls have been introduced to an actual woman for the first time, it has emerged.

It has also been confirmed that many women do not lie around in their underpants while fondling a python

Wo-Meet is a new government initiative where sexually-vindictive internet obsessives can experience meeting a woman who is not in a browser window.

A spokesman said: “Internet misogyny is a cry for help.

“When a man posts something like ‘my donkey dong iz gunna make Vorderman scream’ what he means is ‘I haven’t seen a human female since school and I still have milk and biscuits at bedtime despite being 38′.

“Wo-Meet is a place where the socially-petrified men who use the net as a repository for such unpleasantness can spend 20 closely-monitored minutes talking to a woman who won’t make fun of them.”

Waynes Hayes, 29, who has boasted online about doing things to ‘any whore bitch in the room’ with his ‘ten-inch fuck dagger’ stuttered and looked at the floor throughout his meeting with Wo-meet volunteer Nikki Hollis.

He said: “At first I was scared because she was fully clothed and much bigger than monitor-size. But she was very nice.

“When I asked she said that Nikki was her proper name, not a made-up name for being in porn films. Apparently most women aren’t even in porn films.

“We had lots of similarities. I asked her what food women eat and she said it was the same as men.”

He added: “At the end, I said she could come to my mum’s house and we could have fish fingers and watch my favourite programme, which is Primeval.

“She said thanks, but probably not.”


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