Landlord confirms that pint is meant to taste disgusting

A PUB landlord has confirmed that a suspicious pint of ale is meant to taste and smell absolutely vile.

Customer Nikki Hollis returned her pint of Railway Days IPA to the bar after noticing that it smelled and tasted like a dead squirrel wrapped in a wet sock.

However landlord Roy Hobbs reassured her that it was ‘fine’.

He said: “There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s exactly how it’s meant to taste.

“I would drink that no problem. Even though it’s vile.”

Hollis replied: “Even if nothing has gone wrong in the manufacturing and storage of the beer, surely the end product is still unbelievably disgusting.

“Isn’t that a problem in itself?”

Hobbs responded by saying she could have something else if she wanted. But he turned half-away from her as he did so, so that she could tell he did not mean it.