Last man to still use the phrase ‘having it off’ dies

THE last man in the UK to describe sexual intercourse as ‘having it off’ has died, aged 78.

Norman Steele, from Berkhamsted, was using the phrase right up to the very end, employing it in a suggestive quip he made to a nurse on his deathbed.

The nurse was described by Steele as ‘busty’ and probably a ‘bit of a goer’ with whom he would have enjoyed a ‘spot of slap and tickle’, or ‘legover’.

Known for wearing a white hat, a mauve shirt and yellow cravat and never having a girlfriend in his life, Steele was nonetheless not a homosexual, or in any way inclined towards what he referred to as ‘the honky-tonk’.

However, Martin Bishop, his next door neighbour of 30 years said: “Norman was always very upfront and open about other people‚Äôs possible homosexuality.

“If he saw anyone he suspected of being ‘one of them, which was most men after the year 1972, he would immediately call out ‘Coee!!’ or ‘Oo, ducky!’ with no thought for his own safety.”