Look what came out of my fanny, says Facebook mum

MOTHERS on Facebook have been sharing pictures of the porky little things that came out of their fannies.

Thousands of women have embraced the website’s ‘Motherhood Challenge’ which celebrates their ability to have sexual intercourse and then vaginally expel a small tubby human.

28-year-old Nikki Hollis said: “It’s a mental feeling when someone comes out of your fanny. So magical.

“I remember when Rosie was born, my husband and I were like ‘what the fucking hell is that?’.

“Now our lives are really perfect. Although, to be honest, my vagina’s never been quite the same.”

She added: “Maybe Rosie will be a doctor or a pilot, or do large-scale insurance fraud and go to prison.”

However the ‘challenge’ has caused arguments between those who think it is stupid inane bullshit and others who think it is insensitive quasi-medieval bullshit recalling a time when women who did not reproduce were made to go and live among wolves.

Mother-of-three Emma Bradford said: “It’s a chance for women without kids to see what pure love looks like, even though they will never experience emotion on any meaningful level.

“Anyway I’m full of selfless mummy joy, so fuck them.”