Miliband’s Oxbridge club binged on Star Wars

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband was part of an Oxbridge social club that would watch Star Wars up to 48 times in a row.

Together we will rule the university

Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act have detailed exploits of Oxbridge social clubs.

These include David Cameron’s notorious Bullingdon Club and Ed Miliband’s less well-known Bantha Gang, a group of science fiction fans named after the large mammals ridden by the Tusken raiders in Star Wars.

The Bantha Gang’s initiation ceremony involved going into Oxford’s Blockbuster branch and repeatedly asking for ‘A New Hope’ – which is the subtitle of the film known as Star Wars – until the confused staff demanded they fuck off.

Former Bantha Gang member Stephen Malley said: “We had no respect for rules. For example in Dungeons & Dragons, you are meant to use a 12-sided dice during combat with monsters, but we would use two six-sided dice instead – pure anarchy.

“We were young and crazy about role playing games, science fiction films, comics. Sometimes we would stay up all night eating crisps and talking about stormtroopers.

“And the women…there weren’t any.”

Ed Miliband became Grand Bantha of the exclusive socially-inept group after teaching himself to speak Jawa, the language of those little things in hoods that kidnap C3P0 and R2D2.

Stephen Malley said: “Ed spent days decoding all their little burbling sounds. We would go to the pub, drink cola and have whole conversations in Jawa.”

“Then we would get beaten up.”