Missing cat returns with no memory of lost days


A CAT that has returned to its owners after spending a week missing cannot recall where it has been.

There was a staircase. A stone staircase.

Black-coated Fizz, who is approximately six years old, sparked panic when she disappeared from her Birmingham home.

After extensive searching of garages and a poster campaign, she returned of her own accord but with no recollection of the intervening six days except a vague sense of menace.

The cat said: “I remember everything perfectly up until last Tuesday afternoon, when I went to sleep on some bags of cement.

“Yesterday I walked into the kitchen, wet and confused. But what happened between those two points, it’s a mystery.

“I get odd flashes of a mountain, and mist, and a very short man in a red fedora hat.

“Also there are three figures wearing helmets, like astronauts, dragging a mannequin or perhaps a dead body across a beach with a purple sky.

“But these could be images from a dream.

“I no longer know what’s real, and what is an illusion.”

She added: “Who can I trust?”

Feline psychologist Emma Bradford said: “I’ve been working with Fizz to unlock those missing memories, but to no avail. Perhaps we will never know what happened.

“Perhaps we are not meant to know.

“She does have a strange seven-pointed geometric design tattooed between her forelegs. Fizz doesn’t appear to have noticed though and I’m not going to tell her because she’ll freak out.”



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