More young people forced to live in parents’ glass-fronted living room cabinets

YOUNG Britons unable to get on the property ladder are living in their parents’ glass-fronted display cabinets.

The cabinets were traditionally used to house a small selection of extra-fancy glasses, a gravy boat and butter dish received as wedding gifts, and an engraved pewter tankard.

However, young adults are increasingly using the cabinets as live-work spaces, citing their hardwood construction and open glass frontage as far better than anything available from private landlords.

Norman Steele, from Orpington, said, “When my son Gary asked if he could move back in to his old room I said no because it’s now a sauna. He then suggested he live in the glass cabinet, but I was reluctant.

“The cabinet is the most important item of furniture in the house. Suppose a local viscount was to break down just outside our house, along with his entire entourage?

“They couldn’t use the day-to-day mugs and tumblers. That’s why we keep the soda siphon and Waterford crystal and Wedgwood napkin ring set.

“But I know it’s tough out there, so I reluctantly agreed to remove two of the shelves. Still, it breaks my heart to see him in there, on display, as though he’s something special I’m proud of.”