MX-5 drivers convinced they look cool


OWNERS of Mazda’s popular affordable roadster are certain they attract admiring glances, it has been claimed.

Crusing with the wind in your remaining hair

As the weather improves, the reasonably-priced sports car containing balding men and their wives is once again ubiquitous on UK roads. And according to research by the Institute for Studies, 94% of Mx-5 drivers would describe themselves as ‘cool’.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “Although this little car has obvious merits, it is perhaps less charismatic than the middle-managers and hairdressers that drive it like to believe.

“I mean, you wouldn’t see George Clooney driving one, unless he’d just had an incredibly expensive divorce.

“However I imagine the man who played the put-upon husband in 90s BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances might be a fan.”

He added: “The Mx-5 is a bit of a semantic minefield. It says of the driver, ‘I am a maverick who plays by his own rules’ and also, ‘I am sensible enough to appreciate a vehicle with low running costs and reasonably-priced insurance’.”

“Is that, objectively speaking, cool? I’d say it’s more mildly endearing.”

46-year-old Mx-5 owner Tom Logan said: “Since I bought my little green convertible, it hasn’t exactly cured my mild erectile dysfunction but it has compensated for it.

“Driving it makes me feel like a 60s secret agent, albeit a relatively junior one on a modest pay grade.”

He added: “When I’m not using it I keep the Mx-5 zipped up in a special bag, like a car-shaped musical instrument.”



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