Neither casual friend going to break first and add the other on Facebook


A PAIR of friendly acquaintances are locked in stalemate over adding each other on Facebook, it has emerged.

Julian Cook and Tom Booker know each other through mutual friends and while they are definitely mates on a casual basis, neither is going to ‘break’ and add the other.

Cook said: “I know him from the pub so it’s not like we desperately need to be on Facebook together, though it does seem strange seeing us both commenting on other friends’ status updates like two foreign countries locked in a complex diplomatic battle.

But am I fuck going to be the one who gives in and adds him first. I’m not his bitch.”

Booker added: “I don’t need to see what memes he likes, but it might be nice to be offered the chance.

But no fucking way am I going to be the one who adds him first. If he wants to add me, he knows where I am.”

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