New app helps straight people meet gay friends

A NEW app for smartphones helps straight men and women identify gay people who are willing to be friends with them.

'He's introduced us to the films of Fairuza Balk'

‘He’s introduced us to the films of Fairuza Balk’

Str8M8 locates any other phone nearby also using the app and shares key tags like “Available for dinner parties,” or “Into accompanying your wife to Beyoncé,” or “Can get cocaine”.

Creator Tom Booker said: “There are straights out there with a full spectrum of liberal attitudes but no gay friends to give them credibility.

“Meanwhile there are plenty of gay men looking to meet straight friends so they can tell them about all the incredible sex they’re getting.

“With this app, they can hook up discreetly and get completely validated.”

Anyone who makes contact through Str8M8 enters an implicit contract to find the details of each others’ sex lives fascinating and hilarious.

If the hookup is between a straight woman and a gay man, it stipulates that he gives her wise romantic advice, a killer makeover and finds her the man of her dreams within 12-18 months.

Booker continued: “It’s perfect for anyone looking to diversify their friendship portfolio, whether a lifelong Guardian reader or a right-winger who needs a gay friend in order to claim they’re not homophobic.

“Though with those types, we do have an automatic advisory notice warning that they’ll usually end up sucking the gay guy’s dick ‘just to see what it’s like’.”