New Dictionary Reflects Britain’s Love Affair With Sexual Deviancy

TERMS including 'frogging', 'donkey handbag' and 'eine Mosley schaften' have all been included in the new Chambers English Dictionary.

Blue Peter remains awash with coded sex lingo

'Frettle' also makes its first appearance, along with fashionable sex terms such as 'sping', 'nonge' and – following its repeated use on Blue Peter – 'flapjack'.

Crotchless bananas, spanner tassles, vibrating midgets and shaved wongs are also included for the first time, as is 'doing a Richard and Judy'.

Editor, Denys Finch-Hatton, said: "These new words reflect the way our lives are changing and becoming more repellent.

"The first edition did not even contain intercourse, while quim was only included in 1992. Now we have kitty, minge, muff, snapper, snatch, trim, twat and kebab."

He added: "Have you nothing better to do than think up new ways of handling each other's parts? Why not read a book for once? But not this one."

Britain's newest sex words:

Frogging: Engaging in public sex acts near a pond.

Frettle: To pleasure oneself while watching Gloria Hunniford advertise the AXA Guaranteed Over 50 plan.

Eine Kleine Mosley Schaften: To spend a pleasant afternoon with German ladies.

Eine Grossen Mosley Schaften: Simliar to the 'kleine' only much bigger and harder.