Passenger requesting refund taking the absolute piss, says train company

A TRAIN operator cannot believe the fucking nerve of a passenger who is demanding a refund because his train was 90 minutes late. 

Employees at London Midland are outraged by the insolence of Tom Logan, who still saw half of his precious football match but is asking for 100 per cent of his fare back.

A spokesman said: “What a total bastard. Does he think it’s easy running trains or something?

“Yes, it was late leaving the station, but we can’t pay drivers to sit about drinking coffee, and why he’s moaning about being diverted via Northampton I don’t know. It’s a very historic town.

“The rail replacement bus got him there in the end, so what’s the difference? What is he, some sort of sicko train fetishist?

“Technically he does have the right to a refund, if he wants to be a rude twat. He’ll have to send his ticket in, then we’ll lose it, then ask for all the details a few more times, then deny a refund, then grant it but not pay it, then it’ll be past the 90-day window.

“He’ll never get his money, but that’s not the point. It’s the disrespect.”