People without tattoos labelled 'freaks' and 'attention seekers'


THE 3% of the UK population without tattoos faces discrimination in job interviews and social situations.

They take their shirts off at any opportunity

They take their shirts off at any opportunity

According to research by the Institute for Studies, non-tattooed people are likely to be labelled ‘freaks’, ‘perverts’ or ‘attention-seeking non conformists’.

Engineering company boss Tom Booker said: “Like everyone these days I have various bits of body art covering my arms and back.

“If someone comes to me for a job and they’re not inked in at least three places, I have to ask myself some questions.

“Do they think they’re somehow ‘special’? Are they into weird music and alternative lifestyle choices? Also, are they going to upset any potential clients who visit to see non-tattooed people in positions of responsibility?”

24-year-old Emma Bradford said: “I don’t regret not getting any tattoos but it can make it hard to fit into the mainstream.

“I try to cover up my arms for job interviews so that employers can’t see I don’t have pictures of cartoon animals saying ‘Fuck’ or Chinese proverbs on them.

“But if I’m asked about tattoos I have to come clean and say I don’t even have a tramp stamp.”

Bar owner Nikki Hollis said: “Would I employ someone without tats? Yes, but I’d keep them away from the general public, maybe washing up or something.

“But I’ve got several non-tattooed friends and despite what people say they are really nice, normal people.”

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