Punters Pay Thousands To Throw Bishop From A Plane


CHARITIES are looking forward to a cash bonanza today as people all over Britain pay to throw a bishop out of a plane.

A bishop accelerates at 32ft per second squared

Each of the Church of England's 108 bishops and two archbishops will be flown to a height of around 6000ft before being hurled from the plane by the highest bidders.

John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, will be thrown out over the ancient cathedral city by Roy Hobbs, a plumbing contractor from Harrogate.

Mr Hobbs said: "I paid £7000. It seems like a lot, but memories are priceless. And I get to tell my grandkids I once threw an archbishop out of a plane."

Bristol-based architect Julian Cook, who paid £5000 to eject his local bishop, said: "I intend to start an argument with him about the existence of God and then just push him out when he starts annoying me."

Organiser Margaret Gerving said: "It's going to be great fun. We've got lots of people dressing up as Satan and even a few dressed as Charles Darwin.

"And of course the bishops will be in their full regalia, so it'll look quite spectacular as they near the ground."

Celebrated biologist Richard Dawkins will launch the event by wishing everyone good luck before hurling the Bishop of Oxford into the void.

Meanwhile each diocese has organised teams of volunteers who will try to catch their bishop in a big blanket.

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