'Survival of the thickest' now a reality, say scientists


CHANGES in human evolution mean that only morons will continue to thrive, it has been claimed.

His genes will be absolutely fine

Citing evidence from Twitter, Facebook and ITV1 dating show Take Me Out, researchers at the Institute for Studies confirmed that natural selection has tipped in favour of the stupid.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “Not only is intelligence unnecessary, it’s actually a hindrance. In an evolutionary sense, the brain is now less useful than visible muscles like ‘pecs’, which can get you sex and money.

“Social networking sites may have accelerated the rise of the stupid, or may simply be a conduit for pre-existing stupidity.

“It’s very much a chicken and egg scenario, if the chicken is ‘social networking’ and the egg is ‘being a fucking idiot’.”

Professor Brubaker believes that in the near future, survival will depend on recruiting a lot of Twitter followers by being a cock.

He said: “As we evolve into flabby, immobile technology operators, lack of activity will cause global food shortages.

“Whatever semblance of government remains will deem those capable of ‘entertaining’ or incendiary Tweets – for example accusing a randomly-selected person of fucking a horse – to be the most valuable, and give them bags of Wotsits proportionate to the size of their following.

“Non attention-seekers will simply starve to death.”



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