Teenager too talented to go to university

A TEENAGER is so talented that going to university would be a waste of time for him, he has announced.

Despite having offers from respected universities, Nathan Muir currently prefers other projects such as becoming some sort of music promoter.

Muir said: “After getting an A and two Cs I’m worried I’ll find studying at university too limiting when I could be out there in the real world making my first million.

“I’ve got a lot going on already, what with the electro-grime tracks I make on my computer and my idea to set up a business in China. I’m not sure what it would be, but probably something cool like importing vodka.

“I just can’t see myself studying something easy like politics and economics in a backwater like Leeds when I could be in LA getting my first experience of putting film deals together.

“I’m also interested in becoming a journalist like Hunter S Thompson. I’ve got my own blog so I’m going to send the link to the Guardian and see what sort of assignments they offer me.

“There’s no point doing a degree when I can be really successful without one. My parents won’t like it but they are suburban and stupid.”