UK’s first non-weird driving instructor discovered

A NON-WEIRD driving instructor  has been discovered in the UK.

Excited experts have released details of their find, known as Wayne Hayes, who appears to be a well-adjusted human who just teaches people to drive.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “Hayes is neither an oddball or an outright creep, which marks a fascinating evolution in the species.

“We have observed some striking deviations from driving instructor norms. For example, he doesn’t make inappropriate comments to young women about gear sticks or offer porn recommendations to his male students.”

Other unusual characteristics include a lack of anguished back story about how he could have been in the RAF if it was not for his gammy leg, and a total absence of trying to blame his farts on the car’s catalytic converter.

Remarkably, Hayes claims that he took the job because he enjoys teaching people how to drive, rather than relishing the idea of barking orders at petrified teenagers in an enclosed space.

However scientists believe stress-eating Pear Drops all day could quickly erode Haye’s mental  and physical health, turning him into a typical driving instructor within weeks.