Widower Leaves Fortune To Pert, Young Watermelon


A 75 year-old widower from Suffolk is believed to be the first man in the UK to leave his entire estate to a watermelon.

Ding dong

Retired company director Denys Hatton died of heart failure in May, just two months after buying the watermelon and moving it into his five bedroom home in the quiet village of Framsden.

Despite protests from relatives, he changed his will leaving the house, a 25ft sailing boat and £750,000 in cash to the hefty Spanish fruit.

Mr Hatton's granddaughter, Elaine Watson, said: "He read something in the Daily Mail about how to improve your sex life.

"He phoned me up and said 'meet me at Waitrose in half an hour, I want you to help me choose a watermelon'.

"Once we'd got it home he went straight into the kitchen, picked up a sharp knife and a spoon and disappeared upstairs.

"I then heard a lot of whispering followed, a few minutes later, by him shouting 'thar she blows!'.

"He came back down stairs with a huge smile on his face and said, 'I've decided to call it Susan. Whether you want to call it grandma is entirely up to you'."

Mrs Watson said her grandfather quickly became infatuated, introducing the 3kg fruit to his friends at the golf club and planning a summer trip to Provence.

She added: "I kept telling him, 'Grandad you're supposed to eat the watermelon'.

"I've got nothing against her personally, I think she's a lovely piece of fruit, but she did take advantage of a vulnerable old man."

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