Woman discovers she isn’t that popular after moving to remote part of London

A WOMAN has discovered she is not all that popular after moving to a part of London that is quite hard to travel to.

Graphic designer Joanna Kramer believed friends enjoyed her lively, interesting personality until she moved to an area of Putney that cannot be reached without a lot of hassle on trains and buses.

She said: “People weren’t interested in my witty conversation, just my proximity to a convenient Tube station and some okay pubs.

“No one comes to meet me now I live somewhere hard to get to. I don’t know what’s worse, knowing my friends are fickle bastards or the suspicion that I might be quite boring.

“Maybe people weren’t that interested in my deliciously controversial opinions or ability to quote most of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Friend Martin Bishop said: “Jo’s personality, pleasant though it is, isn’t worth an interminable journey to Putney, especially if you have to get back on a night bus.

“She keeps trying to get us to go over by offering to cook and put people up for the night, but I’m not sure I want to be mates with someone who thinks you can buy friendship.”