Woman flaunts body by existing


A WOMAN has flaunted her figure merely by existing.

25-year-old Emma Bradford began the flaunting process when she woke up this morning and prepared to go to work. Although the office worker lives alone, her sensational figure was clearly visible to her cat as she cleaned her teeth.

Dressed in a jacket and trousers, she then stunned onlookers by eating a Toffee Crisp on the train.

A bystander said: “She got some crumbs on her shirt and had to wipe them off with a bit of tissue. It was a real eyeful.”

The flaunting continued throughout the day as Bradford sat at her computer, occasionally getting up to make a cup of tea.

A kitchen onlooker said: “You could tell from the way she dunked her teabag that she was loving the attention. She was certainly looking great as she removed a prawn sandwich from a Tupperware tub and took several bites.”

Bradford later put on a hot display at her local Co-op, where she bought milk, bread, and a Truly Irresistible Sticky Toffee Pudding that was on offer.

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