Woman really regretting hat

A YOUNG woman on a night out with friends has admitted she should not have worn a hat.

Ellie Shaw, 24, who believed the black fedora would go very well with her caramel hair, has now realised that being the ‘hat chick’ is not good.

She said: “I’ve heard five different groups of girls say ‘Who the fuck does she think she is, wearing that hat?’.

“One group were my own best friends, who thought I wasn’t listening. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I have to say I agree with them.”

She added: “Meanwhile, the biggest twat in any group of men takes it off my head and refuses to give it back. That’s happened six times.”

Style expert Francesca Johnson said: “We do always put women in hats for makeovers, but that’s just because we’re cruel.”