Woman replying to Facebook invite makes point of saying she’s on holiday

A WOMAN has made sure to mention that she’ll be on holiday when answering a friends event invite on Facebook.

Donna Sheridan was invited to her friend Emma Bradford’s ‘Let Hope It Doesn’t Rain BBQ Fun’ at the end of the month, and instead of simply saying she could not come she made sure to say why.

Sheridan said: “Would absolutely love to come Emma but, sadly will be cruising around the Caribbean then.

“We’ve got the most amazing villa booked and it’s all drinks and food included. It’s going to be great.

“Really do wish we could be at the BBQ but you know, I’m going to be riding around in a speedboat drinking champagne and ogling beautiful naked people on the beach, so…”

Bradford muttered “Bitch”, before realising that she’d also typed it as a response, then quickly deleting it.

She wrote: “Aww hope you have a great time. Don’t go catching a potentially deadly tropical disease or anything.

“Just joking LOL.”