Woman tells sad story then has photo taken on park bench

A WOMAN has revealed her anguish, heartbreak and anger before posing on a park bench.

The story was told in a series of devastating paragraphs which will make you weep with sadness and fury and ask why this was allowed to happen here.

According to the paragraphs a normal life filled with good quality objects and sophisticated holidays was turned upside down by shocking events caused by cruelty, negligence and society.

The events will leave you open mouthed in frustration and anger at a system or a person or a combination of the two.

The paragraphs revealed the woman was moderately successful and lived in a perfectly nice house until she was left reeling by romantic betrayal and a terrible disease caused by an everyday thing.

Moments later she was sacked.

She confirmed that her cheating husband did not care that her doctor was incompetent, while her employer must have known that her doctor was incompetent and her husband was cheating.

But because of brave perseverance everything is basically okay now.

Experts said the story was inspirational but will also make you stop and think before doing most of the things in your life.

The woman then sat on the park bench and used her face to convey the heartbreak, anger and eventual return to normality.