One Woman’s Week: Lovers’ Tiff

By Karen Fenessey

I HAD an argument last night with my boyfriend, Donny. He can be such a pig sometimes, but I do love him despite that. He took me on holiday to Venice recently and although I was very grateful I have to say – it's a bit of a dump. I honestly don't know why people rave about it so much.

But anyway, last night we were sitting watching the news on TV and we heard that BBC journalist Alan Johnston had been released by his kidnappers in Palestine.

Obviously I would have felt sorry for him and his family if he had died but that's not to say I sympathise with people like him.

After all, he is a member of the paparazzi and it's people like him who are responsible for the death of Princess Diana and terrorising other poor people who just want to be left alone.

He was probably trying to take seedy snaps of some poor television star when he was kidnapped – so if you ask me he deserved it.

Donny seemed to think that you should forgive people who are in jobs which lead you into a less than moral way of life (like journalists for example), but he wasn't able to argue his point very well.

In the end he conceded that he was taking a very weak viewpoint. Being a teacher I am very good at constructing an academic argument and he just wasn't eloquent enough.

Donny did finally apologise so there's no harm done, I suppose.

He's also promised that I can choose the destination of our next holiday so I'm not so disappointed with it – it's one thing buying a surprise gift like that for your girlfriend, but it's a pretty empty gesture if you take her somewhere that's not up to scratch.