Cameron launches campaign of racism against Greeks

THE coalition government has launched a £10m campaign encouraging everyone to hate the Greeks.

As the founders of Western civilisation everything is their fault

Prime minister David Cameron yesterday unveiled a billboard featuring a leering, kebab-chomping Greek caricature with a greasy moustache sodomising a goat while burning a wad of Euros.

The TV ads bring back Harry Enfield’s Stavros, showing him entering a typical British family home drunk and heavily armed, emptying the piggy bank before urinating on a cat and then presenting the family with a huge bill.

Speaking at the British Museum, Mr Cameron said: “Don’t waste your racism on the hard-working Asian, the cool trainer-selling black or all those terribly clever Jews who run our media.

“Instead, direct your hatred at these lazy, sneering spongers who invented bumming and can’t even use a proper alphabet.”

The prime minister then sprayed ‘FUCK PLATO’ on the Elgin Marbles before posing with a pair of Heckler & Koch submachine guns, vowing to be on the frontline against the homosexual Greek invaders.

He added: “Their soldiers wear skirts and wooden clogs with little pom-poms on them. And that Demis Roussos is disgustingly fat. I’m loving this.”

Meanwhile, Mr Cameron also wants members of the public to submit their own ideas for anti-Greek racism with the top three being made into a tea towel, an iPhone App and a spectacular West End Show.