Brown Waits To See If Britain Is That Stupid


GORDON Brown was today waiting for opinion poll results that will reveal whether or not Britain really is that stupid.

At university Mr Brown drank six pints a night but never touched the spliffs

Mr Brown and his advisers are on tenterhooks following last night's one hour party political broadcast on ITV where the prime minister talked openly about his love of smiling and the challenges of being a father, a husband and a superhero with the powers of a giant, radioactive spider.

Speaking to some fat-faced prick, Mr Brown revealed:

  • That he was a terribly clever little boy and the best junior tennis player in all of Kirkcaldy.

  • That he likes things that you like and dislikes things that you don't like.

  • That he waited until John Smith had almost stopped breathing before he phoned Tony Blair to ask for his support.
  • That he and his family do normal things, like walks in the park, swimming lessons and tying Alistair Darling to a chair and stubbing out cigarettes in the palm of his hand.

But across Britain opinion was split. Bill McKay, an engineer from Grantham, said: "I had no idea he had lost the sight in one eye while playing rugby, that it changed him forever and gave him the courage and determination needed to be prime minister. No, sorry, come to think of it, I actually fucking did."

Emma Bradford, a housewife from Doncaster, said: "These sorts of interviews don't have much effect on me as I don't like to think of politicians as people. I find it helps to contain my murderous rage.

"But, of course, there is always the rampant possibility that the people of Britain are as cretinous as the people who run television. Oh and by the way Mr ITV, we only watch the fat-faced prick when there is nothing else on."

Margaret Gerving, a retired headmistress from Guildford, added: "I thought it was a fascinating insight into what makes Gordon Brown tick, though I did keep waiting for the fat-faced prick to ask him why he decided to fuck Britain right up the shitter."


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