‘D’You Know What? I’m Such A F*cking Racist’ Says Tory MP

CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron is facing fresh embarrassment after a senior backbencher described himself as 'an enthusiastic and committed racialist'.

Powell: brilliant intellectual and racist shit

Dennis Hatton-Finch, MP for Minchinhamptonsteadbury, has refused to resign after writing an article for his local newspaper entitled: 'Aren't Africans Ghastly?'.

He said: "My article in the Minchin Courier is a serious contribution to the debate about the absolute ghastliness of Africans.

"I was simply saying how awful these foreigners are and why they should stay in their own stinky little countries.

"Does that make me the new Enoch Powell? Possibly, but I tell you what, you should hear me at home. It's all 'n-word' this and 'd-word' that. I'm such a total bigot."

Mr Hatton-Finch added: "They come over here with their huge penises, beating us at football and making me feel like a girl.

"And it's not just the Africans. The other day a Polish chap turned up at my door and told my wife he would flush her pipes for £75.

"I mean, really. Coming over here with their tool kits and their huge penises and flushing my wife without an appointment."

The work and pensions secretary Peter Hain said: "This proves beyond doubt that each and every member of the Conservative Party wipes their dirty bottom with Nelson Mandela toilet paper."