Government department DExEU ‘stole name from grime artist’

THE cool-sounding name of the Brexit department DExEU was lifted by senior Conservatives from an up-and-coming grime MC, it has emerged.

The 22-year-old DExEU, who has performed at live showcases with Skepta, Wretch 32 and Not3s, has recorded two mixtapes under the name but now faces legal action.

He said: “This is bullshit, man. This is total Tory bullshit.

“Nobody going to shout for a rewind of DExUE when they think it means Department for Exiting the European Union. Nobody down with that white-ass action.

“I knew that was Nadine Dorries at the back of Eskimo Dance, man, I just knew it, but I thought she was checking out the scene. Didn’t know she was going to skank me.

“How they feel if I start doing gigs as 1922 Committee? Actually, man, that’s cold. I might do that shit.”