‘I’m Jesus-Flavoured’ Says Blair

TONY Blair has revealed he still has weekly conversations with Jesus and talks about everything from the Middle East peace process to the fortunes of the England football team.

He does look a bit like Robert Powell in 'Jesus of Nazareth', said Blair

But the former prime minister said he played down his relationship with Jesus while in office fearing he would be labeled 'a nutter' for believing a man was born of a virgin, turned water into wine and walked on the sea, before being killed and then coming back to life.

Mr Blair said: "I remember the first time Jesus and I chatted. I was having a cup of tea, listening to some early REM and reading a book about Kevin Keegan.

"I looked up and there was Jesus, sitting across from me, just gazing and smiling at me with his head resting in his hands.

"He said to me, 'what's up Tony?' and I said, 'Jesus, did you really raise people from the dead?'

"He said that wasn't the half of it and that they'd left out loads of even more amazing stuff – I'm talking dragon fights, photon torpedoes and turning rubber into cheese – because no-one would have believed it.

"He then told me that I was special and that I would lead something called the 'Labour Party'.

"He said that hundreds of creepy little guys just out of university would see me as their personal saviour and that it would make me feel really good."

The former PM added: "He then went on to tell me that not only was it OK to sell seats in the House of Lords, but that I should lie about it too.

"And he even gave me a ball-park figure for the number of innocent people who could be blown to bits in Iraq before he would become concerned."

Blair's comments come just days before Gordon Brown is expected to announce an overhaul of the government's belief in miracles.