Man about to be shafted by Tories somehow worried about Marxism


A MAN who is likely to suffer under a Tory government is deeply concerned about a Labour politician being a Marxist.

Roy Hobbs was alarmed by shadow chancellor John McDonnell talking about Marxism on TV, despite there being plenty of actual Tory policies that will screw him over in real life.

Hobbs said: “I know things keep getting more expensive and my daughter has to pay crippling tuition fees, but I’m seriously worried about a Marxist revolution.

“With all these Brexit problems and the NHS in crisis the last thing we need is the working class all getting into Das Kapital and seizing the means of production by force.”

He added: “As a family we’ve noticed it’s getting harder to make ends meet, but finding an affordable care home for my wife’s mother is a doddle compared to working on a collective farm.”

Daughter Lauren Hobbs said: “Dad doesn’t seem to realise the chances of him waiting ages for a vital operation are somewhat higher than being put in a gulag.”

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