Man can’t understand why there isn’t a political party just for him

A GROWN man is in a huff because no political party exactly matches his views, it has emerged. 

Graphic designer Tom Logan, 36, has told friends that if no party is willing to support every single one of his beliefs then he is not going to vote at all.

He said: “Where’s the representation for those of us who want grammar schools but also want to get rid of Trident? Or nationalisation of the railways and less foreign aid?

“I support the decriminalisation of cannabis, but not one major party does. It’s like they don’t want my vote.

“You’d think they’d do one of these focus groups, but just with me, then put all my ideas into their manifesto verbatim. But they haven’t got the vision.

“Looks like I’ll be sitting this one out. I’m sorry, but if they won’t make the effort why should I?”

Delivery driver Roy Hobbs said: “Ah well, more power to me. Let’s have a good hard Brexit and martial law while we’re at it.”