Miliband denies your right to make massively ill-informed decision

ED Miliband is to deny you the right to make a cretinous, ill-informed choice about Europe.

Writing in the Financial Times, the Labour leader there was ‘no way you are getting anywhere near this’ if he has anything to do with it.

He added: “I have travelled all over Britain talking to people about the EU and it is perfectly clear that you don’t know the first fucking thing about it.

“Most of you seem to think it’s about Abu Hamza and cucumbers.

“I was talking to this particularly dense woman in Peterborough and she just kept going on and on about cucumbers. Eventually I screamed, ‘shut up!’ right in her face. And then she chased me into a park.

“So, anyway. Too important. You’re all idiots. Forget it.”

The Labour leader also said that he was going to take more of your money ‘because you spend it like a child’.