Millions of Cable supporters gather in London

HUGE crowds demanding the resignation of Nick Clegg have gathered in London for demonstrations being called the ‘English Spring’.

"Give us Dr Vince Cable or give us death"

“Give us Vince Cable or give us death”

People of all ages, religions and ethnicities have pledged to hold their vigil until the despised Clegg is replaced by people’s hero Vince Cable.

Giant banners with Cable’s image and the slogan “A Golden Future For All Mankind” have been draped over buildings, and demonstrators are burning effigies of Clegg while chanting “Stand down or risk irrelevancy!”

17-year-old Joanna Kramer said: “All my life I have known only one Liberal Democrat leader.

“My parents have told me of the old days of Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy. I am too young to remember them, or maybe they were too dull to recall.

“We want nothing less than total revolution and the only person who can bring that is our saviour Cable.”

Hundreds of protestors have reportedly been arrested by Clegg’s secret police and riots have raged throughout the capital as neighbouring countries look on, fearful of the domino effect if Clegg is toppled.

However, Clegg did not get to the top without ruthless cunning and has come back strongly by eating a bacon sandwich on LBC.

Kramer said: “The revolution is over. All over. A generation’s dreams are dead.”