Privilege requires poor people too, say experts

PRIVILEGE exists because there are people who are not privileged, it was confirmed last night.

And Magna Carta means ‘Big Society’

As prime minister David Cameron said he wanted to ‘extend privilege’, experts said he was either an idiot, a bastard or an idiot bastard.

Julian Cook, professor of politics at Roehampton University, said:  “And saying that you want everyone to go to Eton is empirically stupid. And therefore not a very good advert for going to Eton.

“What you say is ‘I want working and middle class people to have more money’. You then mention the best state school in the country and say that you want them all to be like that. People will know it’s just a speech, but at least you won’t sound like a fucking muppet.”

He added: “I have now come to the conclusion that the Conservative Party is indeed a broad church. Of cretins.

“My suspicions were first raised when they failed to win an overall majority after three years of a government led by Gordon Brown. I thought to myself, ‘that’s a bit stupid’.

“They are now 10 points behind a Labour Party led by someone who should be stacking shelves in Forbidden Planet and George Osborne is losing an economic debate to Ed Fucking Balls.

“Michael Gove only seems clever because he’s so weedy, while Ian Duncan Smith has the searing intelligence that leads to ‘faith-based’ solutions.

“Jeremy Hunt is the only one who is probably cleverer than he looks.

“And as for Boris Johnson? His cv thus far – Slagging off Europe in the Daily Telegraph, editing a magazine read largely by the senile, winning Henley for the Tories and defeating a Marxist newt-fancier.

“But where’s his Nobel Prize?”