P*ssed-Off Britain Says F*ck You Brown

BRITAIN  is in an absolutely foul mood and is taking it out on the Prime Minister, according to new research.

A report by the Iain Rowntree Foundation found the vast majority of Britons are pissed off most of the time, with 87% deciding to blame Gordon Brown.

A foundation spokesman said: "Britain is now a country filled with things that are pissing us right off. Interestingly, Gordon Brown is not directly responsible for many of those things, but he just has one of those faces, doesn't he?"

He added: "Bastarding airport queues."

Wayne Hayes, director of the think-tank ThoughtBoxUK, said: "John Major experienced the same thing in the mid-90s. What's surprising is that Brown has become so throughly johnmajored, so early on."

He added: "Horrible, rude, noisy children. Everywhere."

But Cabinet minister John Hutton defended the Prime Minister saying: "Don't get me wrong, when you have to sit across from that portrait in misery week after week it is tempting to project all your negative feelings on to him, especially when he starts to drone on and on about values and decency and hard working families and you just think to yourself, 'shut it you dreary, insufferable Scottish bastard'."

He added: "There's never anything on the telly."

Meanwhile the Daily Mash has produced a special logo to celebrate Pissed Off Britain. A spokesman said: "Our 'Britain: Shitting It' logo raised the bar for terror news logo designers around the world.

"We knew that 'Britain: Pissed Off' would be a huge technical challenge, costing dozens of lives, billions of pounds and countless endangered species. Reckless? Possibly. Splendid? Definitely."

He added: "I've already pressed the hash key, you toffee-nosed sow."