Ray Of Sunshine Moves Into Number 10

BRITAIN was basked in a golden glow of happy sunshine yesterday as Gordon Brown finally became Prime Minister.

Brown, known to his close friends as 'Chuckling Charlie', immediately promised a summer of ice lollies, donkey rides and saucy postcards.

Winter would be even jollier, he said, with roasting chestnuts, a few sherries and a lots of happy, fat men carving plump geese.

Brown heralded a new era of jollity, frolicks and giddiness with a government made up of jesters, former Play School presenters and roly-poly Home Counties vicars like Simon Callow in A Room With a View.

The new prime minister wants everyone to bring a joke to work and later this week he is expected to replace the Department of Trade and Industry with 200 giggling cheerleaders.

Standing at the door of Number 10 brandishing a three foot long tickling stick Mr Brown said: "Isn't it a jolly old day? Who's up for a game of leapfrog and a round of Pimms?"

Brown had earlier met the Queen in a meeting which lasted for almost an hour.

A Brown aide said: "It did go on longer than expected but they spent a lot of time just tickling each other."