Ferdinand not sleazy enough to captain England

RIO Ferdinand does not have the commanding sleaze of a world class sexual predator needed to captain England, Fabio Capello has claimed.

The Adultery Writers' Adulterer of the Year

The England coach wants to hand the skipper’s armband back to John Terry, insisting he can motivate the squad with his unwavering commitment to fucking their wives and girlfriends.

Capello said: “Rio is far too interested in running fancy magazines and tweeting statements that, for a centre back, are quite stunningly nuanced and intelligent.

“At no point has he picked my brains about finding really good whores in Sardinia or asked me to hold his coat while he pumps some giggly skank in the bogs of a service station.

“He has simply been tall and shouty.”

He added: “John Terry will be a commanding presence on the pitch and in the dressing room, as well as building personal relationships with the players, asking where they live, what time they get home from training and whether their wives like it up the dirtbox.

“I truly believe he will lead the squad with great stature before tearing it apart just in time for the European Championship finals.

“I hope it’s my wife he’s fucking at the time. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?”