Police investigate allegations of reasonable criticism


CHELSEA fans are being investigated after several were reportedly heard making balanced, cogent points about opposition players.

After the game some fans did not talk about kicking the shit out of someone

The London side drew 0-0 with Norwich with stewards claiming that among the usual torrent of racist bile, several people in the Shed End could be heard calmly discussing the relatives merits of the 4-3-3 system.

A police spokesman said: “Civilised debate has no place in the modern game and it runs contrary of our ‘Let’s Kick Logic Out Of Football’ campaign.
“It’s disheartening to think that in this day and age some people seem unable to scream ‘I hope you get fucking cancer’ at the opposition goalkeeper, but this is the kind of idiot we’re dealing with.”

Chelsea has promised to cooperate with police, handing over CCTV footage which allegedly shows somebody agreeing with someone else’s point and small sections of the crowd applauding the Norwich players off the pitch.

Tattoo canvass and unemployed taxi driver Wayne Hayes said “I’ve been coming to Stamford Bridge to tell everyone on the pitch to go back to their own country for 30 years and I never heard anything like it.

“My little boy was with me but fortunately I started singing about the lack of black in the Union Jack and was able to drown it out.

“Even so, when I got home he asked me what ‘it’s only a game’ means. He’s only seven.”


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