Villas-Boas allowed to drink with grown-ups

TOTTENHAM Hotspur manager Andre Villas Boas has been allowed into the White Hart Lane bar as a special treat.

They had crisps, a man put them in a bowl

Villas Boas previously had to sit outside in the car after matches, with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy or one of the senior players bringing out soft drinks and crisps for him every half hour.

But as a reward following the team’s victory against Reading, he was allowed inside to drink shandy, straight from the glass and not even with a straw.

Villas Boas said: “It was really great. I spoke to Mr Levy and even the players like Mr Defoe.

“They knew my name and everything. By the time I was taken home it was nearly dark.”

Villas Boas’s nanny Emma Bradford said:  “You should have seen him there, in his long trousers. He’s been in the dressing room and talked to the players and even sat in the dugout but never this.

“All his friends are really jealous of him.”

Daniel Levy even found the time to sign a special cheque for Andre as a souvenir of his short time with the club.

Levy said: “Andre is a very bright boy with lots of ideas about the way we should play and who we should sign.

“When he grows up a bit more, there’s every chance he’ll be manager of a big team and win lots of trophies and perhaps the Premier League.

“Of course, that won’t happen at this club but one day, at some other team, who knows?”