Webber To Start Next Race In A ’98 Punto

FORMULA 1 car-pointer Mark Webber will start the next Grand Prix in a
1998 Fiat Punto.

The front right tyre is one of those Michelins

Red Bull’s management have promised Webber that the ashtrays will be cleaned and the boot emptied in order to make the car as competitive as possible. The Punto will also go through the Executive Valet at the local Esso station rather than the Standard Service.

Webber said: “There is no question of favouritism in the Red Bull Team between myself and Sebastian Vettel, although his 14-litre jet powered car doesn’t need push starting in cold weather.”

The controversy started before the Silverstone race when Webber’s car was stripped of 90% of its parts to make an amusing sculpture for Vettel’s dressing room. But the Australian won the race despite his car consisting of a chassis, three wheels and a wing mirror.

Miniature racing pundit Eddie Jordan said: “It was an amazing victory for Webber, as he was basically having to propel his car around the track like Fred Flinstone.

“I’ve seen nothing like it since 1975 when Niki Lauda’s Ferrari broke down at the Nürburgring and he sprinted the last 15 laps carrying his car over his head.”

Margaret Hollis, the current owner of Webber’s race Punto, said: “I’ve had it since new and it’s a lovely little run-around so it’ll be perfect for the tight corners at Hockenheim.

“I only use it to go to Sommerfield, but I’ve not changed the oil thingy since I bought it so he may want to have that looked at by a man.”