Film Of Video Game To Be Adapted Into Video Game And Then Back Into Film


THE film of the console game Resident Sewage 43: Crapocalypse is to be adapted back into a console game and then back into a film and so on until the ending of the world, it has been confirmed.


The latest instalment of the multi-billion franchise, in which the world is saved from zombie doom by a model dressed like a fetish schoolgirl highwayman, will be the first to be endlessly transposed between game and film until it degenerates into just a single image of an exploding goat.

Producer, Wayne Hayes, said: “If you thought the film of the game was hot, wait til you check out the film of the game of the film of the game of the film of the game. Of the film.

“The only difference between the game of the film and the film of the game will be that the voices in the game of the film will be performed by actors who will work for cider.

“There are always going to be concerns that the quality of the franchise could deteriorate. But if you look up the words ‘quality’ and ‘deteriorate’ you’d realise that doesn’t make any sense.”

Sewage fan Roy Hobbs said: “I’m the sort of person who files
everything in two categories – ‘fuckin’ cool’ or ‘sucks’. After careful
consideration I have concluded that this will be fuckin’ cool.”

Hayes also revealed that the Resident Sewage team have used Twitter to find out what their fans want from the endless series of repackaged characters and plotlines.

 “The three most popular suggestions were ‘explode’, ‘tentacled things’ and ‘boobs’. This mean our customers are either morons or marketing geniuses. Or maybe I’m the moron. Who knows?

“Who cares?”

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