Keeping up with TV drama now main cause of stress


ATTEMPTING to keep abreast of television drama is the primary cause of stress in the UK, it has emerged.

There are things happening in Westeros RIGHT NOW

The Institute for Studies found that 34% of Britons had considered substance abuse to escape worries about the hundreds of hours of unwatched drama building up on their Sky box.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “In terms of stress levels, keeping abreast of Mad Men, Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and the dozen or so new dramas launched every week is roughly equivalent to taking part in the Normandy landings.

“The only way it is physically possible to keep up with this tsunami of quality entertainment is to give up your job, family and personal hygiene and remain permanently in front of the television, eating baked beans out of the tin to sustain your visual cortex.

“Personally I do not think that is a price worth paying for the new series of Inspector George Gently.”

Mother-of-two Nikki Hollis said: “Last week I thought I just had two episodes of Game of Thrones to get through and then I’d have a few precious hours to myself before I had to make a start on Inspector Montalbano.

“Then one of my friends called and told me there was a new series of Breaking Bad. I just curled up on the floor and wept.”

Programme-makers are now responding to public demand for shows that allow them to balance television drama with other aspects of life.

A spokesman for HBO said: “Episodes in the sixth season of Mad Men will be just five minutes in length, with titles reflecting the single, missable thing that happens, for example Don Buys A Hat.”



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